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In every way my mind is clear-seems misty and surreal
a timeless passage to my surprise
the clanging at my heels
would you believe this time?
the sun came out and slowly kissed the rain
mountains so magical
white caps on the water
visions entertain
"narrow gauge on ten foot bed-cantilever steel"
"the place where north wind blows"
"a railway built of gold"
Imagine a time long ago-"people of the tides"
"found their way"
three thousand horses died
White Pass thunders through the sky overhead
I know that this time lives on always
listening to the whispering pines in Skagway
Far too many have come and gone
for me it's not the same
the calling of the "gold frontier"
to live out all my days
remember this "place of gold"
where dreams became reality today
a journey through mind and soul
White Pass thunders through the sky overhead
I know that this "hog" moves on always
rolling with the whispering pines in Skagway
Short Song Description:
a journey through time
Long Song Description:
picture yourself on a train traveling through the Yukon and you begin seeing visions from the 1890's. A journey that takes you back in time and you start to realize that the history will always live on!!
Story Behind the Song:
Alaskan vacation with my family! We decided to take a ride on the famous White Pass railroad in Skagway! A ride through history if you will! The famous 1890's gold rush..a journey through the wilderness up to the Canadian border. I was imagining what it was like way back in those days. So much history!! Incredible! The ride on the railway was breathtaking to say the least! It left such an impression. It inspired me to write a tune in which you are taken on a magical journey where the past and present unite!!
Lyric Credits: TK
Music Credits: TK
Producer Credits: TK
Publisher Credits: TK
Performance Credits: BROGREEDE
Song Length: 6:02
Primary Genre: Rock-Progressive Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-Hard Rock